Patent applications at national offices

The partners, associates and consultants in our firm handle all steps from drafting through filing and prosecution of patent applications in France, at European level, as well as at national level in certain other European countries.

  • Directly at the national Patent Offices of France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Monaco, Belgium, Luxemburg and Benelux
  • At the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich,
  • At the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva through the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) system

Recording changes on Patent and Trademark Registers throughout the world

A sometimes little-known but important aspect of work consists in

  • Registering Intellectual Property rights assignment deeds;
  • Registering license agreements;
  • Registering securities on IP rights

Our experienced staff specializing in trademark and patent portfolio management and getting assignments and changes in rights registered worldwide were able, in a recent case to get 40,000 assignments and name changes registered in around 100 countries, over the last 5 years.